Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The Hate list

Well, this is like a review (without spoilers) of this amazing book... 'Hate list' by Jennifer Brown. This is a young adult novel published in 2009. The novel deals with the aftermath of a school shooting, there was this girl, Valerie, that with her boyfriend, Nick, they wrote a 'Hate list' with all the people they hated, and well, one day the boy arrived and killed all the persons of the list he could (and the one who where there by accident), then when Val tried to stop him he shooted her, then himself. The book is mostly about how Valery recovers and gets on with her life and whou she deals phsyicologically with the shooting, was her the hero or the villian??. The book has a lot of flashbacks and is by the POV of Val. I really liked, and beacuse is really good even if it has 405 pages is really fast to read :)
Here is the Goodread link
and here a link to download it free :)

I hope you enjoy it!!

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